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Make your moments last. 

Order a painting with your own motif and bring your ideas to life. Whether it's a memory, an inspiring landscape, a pet or a portrait of someone you love, the possibilities are endless. This could be the perfect gift to warm the heart of someone you love, or a treasure to adorn your own home. 

Contact us today, and let us create something very special together. 

Customer feedback

"Bought 3 paintings, and I'm very happy with all of them. I like that they're so big. The painting of my dog was great. I've also received lots of compliments on the one I have in my living room. Super satisfied!"



"Very happy with my painting. The colors are incredibly beautiful. Will probably be back to buy more."



"I am very happy with the painting, and love the colors. I also liked the artist, and have become friends with him on Facebook!"



"I am very pleased with my painting, and liked that the purchase process was so simple. The picture also arrived very quickly."



"Very happy with my paintings. I ordered two paintings with frames, and they arrived quickly and safely."



"We like the colours, the size, the composition and the price. But most of all, it's unique. It's like a window to a completely different part of the world!"



Travel to another world, with beautiful paintings from Sri Lanka.

Float into our space and wander to your infinity. The exciting thing about art is that everyone can have different thoughts about it. You get the opportunity to jump into a moment or a feeling that someone has created. This can evoke both good and somewhat unusual feelings. It can be difficult to put into words exactly what makes art so fun, the best thing is of course to experience it yourself.

By offering paintings from a relatively unknown artist here in Norway, the prices are low, and we can offer something to the vast majority of people. At the same time, the quality of the work maintains a high level.

Please take your time to explore our selection and discover the perfect painting for you!

Simen Rotabakk, Founder

Look at the difference a single painting can make, on an empty and boring wall:

Help the dogs of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a poor country, and many people and animals are living in poor conditions. There are wild dogs almost everywhere, and most are not doing so well. We would like to do something about this, and we are therefore donating 100kr directly to Dog Care Clinic Sri Lanka, for every painting we sell.

This organization has employed local animal lovers, who help the incredibly large population of wild dogs who are not doing so well. Within the clinic's premises, the dogs can be free and happy, as well as getting the help they need to live a good life.

By shopping with us, you are therefore both supporting a local artist and helping dogs to have a better life. A win win for everyone!

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Quick delivery

Have your painting delivered to your closest post office/pick-up location within 3-5 days.


The paintings are painted by a real artist, in the small town of Hikkaduwa


1. Where can I get my painting framed?

Most people want to mount their painting on a frame. This can be done at a framework shop, which can be found in almost every town/city. We recommend using Google to find the frame workshops in your area. 

You can also send us a message and we will be happy to help you find someone.

The price and quality of the work varies, but the vast majority do a good job for a relatively low price. Price depends on the size and frametype, and can be anything from 700-2000kr. 

2. When do you get new paintings in?

Exactly when we receive a new batch of paintings can vary a lot. It can be anything from 2 weeks between each time, to 3 months. This depends on demand of course, but we try to always have something exciting for sale. Now that we are gradually growing bigger, the selection will be even larger and better.

3. Do you have a physical store that I can visit?

Unfortunately, you can't. We are an online gallery, where all shopping takes place online. This allows us to keep prices down, and offer a product that offers great value for money to all our customers. As well as being available for the whole country.

4. Is there a real painter behind all the paintings?

Yes, there is! All our paintings are hand painted by artist Dileepa Jeewantha, from Sri Lanka. He is well known in his local community and has his own gallery in the middle of the city, Hikkaduwa. You can read more about Dileepa and his gallery at "About us".

5. Are there any restrictions on what can be painted?

If you order a personal painting from us, you are free to choose between many different sizes and motives. You can have whatever you want painted, but there is of course a maximum limit to the size of the painting, as it must be sent in the mail. Feel free to send us your suggestion and we'll take it from there.

6. What motives do you have most often?

What we have in stock varies, and can be anything from nature to more abstract motives. The artist is free to choose what he creates and sends, which makes it exciting for us to explore what is to come. We also sometimes come up with suggestions to explore the diversity to a greater extent, such as Norwegian motives.

Usually we have a good selection of nature pictures, animal pictures and abstract motives available for sale.

7. How can I take good care of my painting?

Things you can do to take the best possible care of a painting:

- First of all, it is important not to have the painting rolled up for too long. It is fine for a short while, but to avoid damage you should get it on the frame as soon as possible.

- Avoid direct sunlight. The painting can become discolored if too much light shines on it for a long time.

- Make sure it is in a dry place, with a stable temperature. Moisture destroys paintings quickly and must be avoided. It is also best for the painting if the temperature in the room is mostly the same all the time. Large differences in temperature can over time damage the painting.

- Do not wash the painting with cloth, soap and/or water. Instead, use a soft brush to gently wipe away dust. (Paintings generally stay in good condition, and rarely need to be cleaned)

- Avoid touching the painting to a large extent, as fingerprints and oils from the skin can cause damage.

8. How can i see how a painting looks in my own home?

There are several apps you can use to get an insight into how a work of art looks on a wall. The apps "Smartist" and "Artrooms" are good for this. There you can enter your own living room, for example, and see how it might look in your home. You can also contact us and we will send you some pictures.

Contact us

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(+47) 93830464